Founded in 1997, Herefordshire Capital Corporation offers real estate consulting and investment management services to owners, investors and the banking community.

We assist with evaluation, negotiation, strategy, development and / or re-development and general management. We have specific expertise where a strategic change in focus or direction is required.

Herefordshire Capital Corporation's principal shareholder is Mr. Steven Ruse. Steven has 25 years experience in real estate advisory services, asset management and leasing.

Prior to 1997, Steven was a founding partner of a real estate consulting corporation offering specialized loan work out services to leading Canadian banks and insurance companies. Steven has been directly responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans for a variety of real estate properties ranging from office and industrial buildings, retail centres, apartment buildings, motels and small hotels. His role in planning included assessing the current state of a real estate property, co-ordinating mortgage enforcement proceedings and devising strategic plans for disposition and / or co-ordinating re-design, construction, management, leasing programs, marketing, budgeting of expenditures, future revenue and investment pro-forma.
Real Estate Development and Advisory Services
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